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The Guitar.

!Oh! Guitar not only you have a woman’s name, you have woman’s soul in you.

because you arrive indeed at the spirit of whom suffer and soon they are transformed into romantic poets and enamored (fall in love) with the life.

When listening your delicate notes, you resemble the sirens of the seas, nymphs of the forests and goddess of music.

Your strings are the ones that radiate and flood the atmosphere and confirm the hearts of whom love you and admire you.

That is what you are !Oh! guitar.

But this same guitar could not emit its candies melodies, if there wouldn’t exist the capable hands of the distinguished guitarist Fabián Carrera

to whom God equipped to him with an extraordinary talent to delight to us with those musical notes.


Poem written by: ULPIANO CARRERA in Quito-Ecuador August 2006 at the age of 81.


copyright © 2006 Fabián Carrera




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